The title of webmaster is not something many website owners will often bestow on themselves. There are billions of websites littered all over the internet which, of course, makes the chances of yours being discovered one in a billion. There are a few steps to follow on how to be a better webmaster, which could lead to a greater flow of traffic.

A user-friendly site

The trick is not only to attract good traffic flow to your site, but also to maintain your visitors and hopefully solicit referrals. By visiting your site, users should be able to navigate it as painlessly as possible with as few as possible bugs. The only way to ensure everything is running smoothly is by visiting your site as your potential visitor would. Read more.

SE0 needs to make sense

Articles and blogs that are aimed to attract visitors to your site are often filled with keywords that are mumbled together in unintelligible sentences, all for the sake of SEO. Visitors who are serious about your product or service tend to actually read those articles and blogs and, if found to be nonsensical, will steer clear of your site in the future. Read more.

Critics can become loyal customers

Critique is not something any webmaster willingly encourages at first, however, they should. By addressing the concerns of your customers you could, in fact, turn complaints into compliments. With the rapid expansion of online businesses and the slight variances in product, often, service is the only thing that sets you apart from competitors. As important as a quality product is, the necessary accompaniment of service and website use should be part of the package.

Social media can work for you

Setting aside important social networking updates and responses are as important as maintaining your website. Companies who have and active presence on social media in terms of interaction tend to solicit the best responses which in turn equates to bigger market share. The snag, of course, is where companies tend to bombard the general public with product pushing posts. This seems to have the opposite effect on consumers as no one likes to feel like they’re being sold to. Read more.

The bigger picture

Theodore Roosevelt said “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Be actively involved in issues and matters that speak to your potential target market. Not only will this increase popularity with your frequent visitors, it also creates the perception that you are in a stable enough position to be able to volunteer resources.