web-hosting-checklistA good web host, it should be noted, is different from a cheap web host. A good and reliable web host provides a reasonably good quality of service. It has been seen many a times that a consumer signs up for the least expensive provider putting himself in many technical difficulties, therefore he/ she may have to decide on changing their web hosting provider. Choosing the right provider in the first place would remove these hassles. Some web hosts even perform SEO. So choose your web hosting provider carefully keeping the below in mind:

  • Take a peek into the server technology being used. Since most servers used multiplexed network environment, one must make sue that the number of users using the server should be supported by the server.
  • Make sure the system administrators on the server side are knowledgeable.
  • Your hosting package should have multiple connections to the internet to resolve network redundancies. So if one connection goes down, it can immediately be connected by¬† rerouting it through the other connections.
  • Ensure that the internet connectivity is fast. Since sharing is the name of the day, recommended is a T3 connection using less than 50% of the bandwidth.
  • Always select only what you need. Choose the hosting solution that meets your needs. Select the services offered with care and only those that you need. Never sign up for everything including those features that you do not need. The resultant cost will be higher.
  • Try to choose a scalable or upgradeable solution so that your website can grow unhindered along with your business needs. Scalability should be in the areas of space, bandwidth, multimedia streaming, database support and scripting areas.
  • Make sure the customer support is of good quality and prompt. A good web host provides 24 X 7 support now-a-days. The technical support is free and is normally rendered by qualified executives.
  • If you have any reference for the web host you would be using, please check them before you make a decision. Ask other webmasters for their advice, hosting and maintaining websites similar to yours.
  • Careful about documentation, keep copies of receipts and billing in hard form. Please check your card statements if you have paid by a credit card. Check that you have not been overcharged or billed more than once.
  • Always keep a copy of the web site data. Do not leave to your web host to back it up despite their assurances. Remember, your data is most valuable to you than to someone else.
  • Make sure you own your domain name. Do not let your web host have administrative control over you domain.

These precautions should go along way in reducing your overall costs of owning a website, reliably hosted, over a period of time. Improve your website design.