So you’re a webmaster looking to start your own web design business? Starting a new business can be a daunting task. The challenges of turning dreams into realities stops a lot of people from getting potentially profitable enterprises off the ground. Many serious issues need careful consideration before any business is ready to provide a product or service to the consumer.

The lists of issues of business continue to grow. Legalities have become a big concern. People who are starting new businesses do not generally have all the information as well as experience necessary for launching a successful business without help from professional such as a business attorney. Business attorneys, or business lawyers, are able to sit down with you and talk to you about your goals, your fears, and what you need to jump start your business. They will be able to break down the considerations below in layman’s terms and give proper advice concerning each of them.

Starting a web design business in the State of Texas has its own set of legal considerations. Here are the considerations when starting a business in Houston, Texas:

Choosing the Business Entity

While you can operate your business as a partnership or sole proprietorship, you should always consider using legal forms which protect you from personal liabilities like corporations or limited liability companies.

Licenses and Permits

Even if you decide to operate your business as a sole proprietorship, you should always consider obtaining federal tax ID number, commonly referred to as Employer`s Identification Number, EIN.

The State of Texas doesn’t have general business permit or license requirements. Nevertheless, the State recommends that one should check with local governments at county and city and levels so as to learn about licenses or permit requirement for your specific types of businesses.

Health and Safety

Although some businesses in Houston, Texas might not be among the most dangerous activities, accidents can happen as people move around while doing their businesses. The federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration has a number of regulations that relate to face and eye protection, foot and hand protection, hazardous and toxic substances and ventilation.


While the word-of-mouth is considered the best way for a business to get new customers, with a new business in Houston, Texas you will need to do some advertising. Regardless of the mode in which choose to advertise, you should ensure the advertisements are accurate. Get advertising tips for webmasters.

Policy Statements and Contracts

Different customers might have different ideas about what services your business will be providing. It is therefore in your own interests to make clear in advance most probably in writings about what you will do for your customers. In the event that you have a fully owned website, you should then post your policies on the website.


There are specific risks that are associated with running any business like employees slipping and falling while on the job, inadvertent damages or even destruction of, clients’ property. Try to always work with insurance agents who have previous experience in writing policies for your line of business.


Most businesses have employees and in most cases there can be a frequent turnover. You should always inform yourself about the basic employments law issues like workers compensation, illegal discrimination and how to handle hiring processes.

Consider these items carefully and talk to a business attorney to get your company properly set up and protect. Watch the video below for tips for starting a business.